Building a new home:

Is the land suitable for the type of home I want?
Does the site have any special engineering requirements?
Do the footings and slab require engineering certification?

Choosing a plan for your new home or extension:

Does the design meet my present and future needs?
Has provision been made for future additions to the home?
Can work be undertaken in stages to suit my budget?
Does the design provide for energy efficiency in heating and cooling?
What is included in the contract price? Are there variations/extras?

Choosing a builder:

Is the builder registered? (Ring the Builder's Practitioners Board on 1300 815 127 to check.)
Have I checked with the MBA (9411 4555) if the builder is a Master Builder?
Can the builder provide references about homes he/she has recently completed?
Is the builder eligible for warranty insurance to cover defective and incomplete work?
Have I read and understood the contract?
Does the contract comply with all the requirements of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 ? (The MBAV's contracts HC6 - for new buildings and HIC5 - for renovations/additions comply)
Are building permits and planning approvals needed and what is the cost?